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Discografia Useless ID

Cof cof... creo que me adelanté un poco a los "administradores" del blog... pero que mas da.. lo que cuenta es la musica.. olvidemos lo demas. Soy un estudiante de ISC como unos de este blog.. por eso nos conocimos.. pero eso ya viene sobrando

Aqui les dejo 7 discos de esta banda.. espero lo disfruten

Useless ID- Dead's not Punk

02.-Feeling Wrong
04.-No Excuse
05.-One Crazy Day
06.- Room Of Anger
07.- Is It Right
08.- Don't Forget
09.- Beatless Or Something
10.- Stumbling
11.- Letters
12.- Perfect Life
13.- Start All Over
14.- To Live And Die For No Ones Name
15.- On My Own


Useless ID- Get in the Pita Bread Pit
1. Questions And Answers
2. Perfect Life #2
3. Leaving Town
4. Lonely Heart
5. Lost Once Again
6. Time To Move On
7. Lost In Space
8. Run
9. Have A Nice Life
10. Not Too Late


Useless ID- Bad Story Happy Ending

1.: At The Stadium

2.: Another Bad Taste

3.: No Time For Me To Be A Teenager

4.: Presents

5.: Just Friends

6.: Oh My Guard

7.: Day By Day

8.: Nothing Logical In This Lifetime

9.: Out Of Tune

10.: Note

11.: Far From Distance

12.: Operation New Years

13.: Working Jerk

14.Wake Up Call

15.Year To Forget


Useless ID- No Vacation From The World


1.: Same Story Someone New

2.: Worst Holiday I Ever Had

3.: Bring Me Down

4.: My Therapy

5.: Jukebox 86

6.: Too Late To Start Over

7.: Unhappy Hour

8.: Birthday Song

9.: Crush

10.: Weird Rock

11.: Stuck Without A Ride

12.: Diary

13.: At Least I Tried

14.: End


Useless ID- Redemption

1.: It's Alright

2.: Kiss Me Kill Me

3.: Pink Stars And Magazines

4.: Deny It

5.: Suffer For The Fame

6.: Turn Up The Stereo

7.: Before I Go

8.: Dying Love

9.: Drinkage

10.: Everything Turned Red

11.: State Of Fear

12.: Redemption


Useless ID- The Lost Broken Bones

01.Isolate Me

02.Killing A Ghost

03.Mouse In A Maze


05.Blood Pressure

06.Shallow End

07.Night Stalker

08.Always The Same


10.Already Dead

11.Give It Up

12.One Way Down


Useless ID-Muki & Useless ID

  1. "עוד יבואו ימים טובים יותר" ("Better Days Will Come")
  2. "הנשמה מלב אל לב" ("Heart to Heart Resuscitation")
  3. "לבד ביחד" ("Alone Together")
  4. "מה לך נפשי" ("What For You, My Soul")
  5. "יוצא מזה" ("Getting Out of It")
  6. "תאונה בסלואומושן" ("Accident in Slow Motion")
  7. "הנה עיר" ("Here's a City")
  8. "כאן להישאר" ("Here to Stay")
  9. "בפעם הבאה" ("Next Time")
  10. "טעם של חופש" ("A Taste of Freedom")
  11. "לא רוצה להתבגר" ("Don't Want to Grow Up")

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